Words can’t do it justice

It’s different. It’s really different different. Not the ordinary kind of different.

It feels real. It not a dream-like experience. Just plain reality. Which is a good thing because dream-like experience ends. Reality doesn’t.

Not much has changed fundamentally since then but yet everything is not the same. It’s not the same as those years which brought lessons to be paid after. It is now a clear sky with colors.

It has some ups and downs for sure. Fundamentally, it feels simple. Sometimes not easy, but it’s simple enough to feel comfortable, yet, not the lazy kind of comfortable. It’s the peaceful kind of comfortable.

It’s like walking on a paved road, rather than walking on a glass. There are road bumps, potholes, or obstacles but nothing like slowing down and rerouting cannot overcome. Compared to walking on a glass, which might be smoother but when the glass breaks, it breaks. There is nothing can be done to fix.

As mentioned, it’s simple. It’s so real that words cannot be used to describe the feelings. Experiencing it is the only way to understand it. Words can’t do it justice.

Happy Valentine’s Day, love.



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